Message From Chairman


Mr. Sandeep R. Patel


Learning should be life long activity, particularly so, in 21st century also being called the "Knowledge Age" when there is great knowledge explosion.

We believe that the most important test facing India is the basic education of its children. Using a variety of effective and modern education method, We will make learning a pleasant, enjoyable, worthy and profitable activity.

By providing multi-disciplinary, yet focused empirical knowledge the school aims at equipping skills in creative thinking and problem solving . Consequently, an attempt is made to foster the development of each student's special abilities, encourage them to practice and reach in area of interest and provide guidance in exploring new approaches to learning situations.

Education should open the student's mind to not just learning for the sake of growth, but also to living responsibility. Education essentially means the holistic development of a pupil covering physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual development.

We deliver better education in a learning circumstance that will liberate their minds instill creative skills and give them a through grounding in academic and physical pursuit. We encourage them to experiment, explore and discover for themselves. It provides a thrilling experience while learning.