• Spacious building and expansive playground
  • Well advanced three seperate science (Chemistry, Physics & Biology) Labs
  • An environment friendly school compund, where favourable condition enables devotion of the better part of the year to school activities
  • Global Board - an app allow the school to send important announcement/news/photos to the parents
  • Well qualified, committed, trained and loving faculty
  • Excellent facilities of organized games and sports
  • Well equipped computer, with latest desktop and software and availability of internet learning facility
  • The school has a fleet of buses which transport students to and from school
  • Provide SMS alert on educational matters of your child
  • The school canteen offers healthy food stuff and snacks
  • Strict standards are maintained at all times and students are encouraged to develop healthy eating habits
  • Equal emphasis on academics and extra curricular
  • Well planned curriculum and continues upgradation
  • A fun filled teaching-learning atmosphere
  • Audio-Visual aids and interactive finger touch white board used in teaching methodology
  • Strong tutorial programme and academic support
  • Modern education blended with Indian values and culture
  • Music, Dance, Art, Craft, Yoga, Karate are integral part of our curriculum
  • A wide range of sports facilities and game fields (indoor and outdoor)
  • Frequent social outings and periodical educational trips for knowing and understanding
  • Our curriculum uses a blend of successful teaching learning practices and consistently focusing on improving teaching and learning outcomes
  • School campus and classes are under CCTV camera observation


The school based on the practical and application based classes and we have adequate learning and practicing rooms which aid the development of the students.

We retain the time-tested and traditional black board and chalk style of teaching as we still believe this is the best way to learn. How ever this is no way implies that we are averse to technology. Our teachers are free to use and they do use audio visual aids to make better understand the curriculum. So as to impart more efficient teaching.

The school has audio-visual classes & also smart classes equipped with IT infrastructure where lessons are delivered with the help of projectors.Moreover individual attention is the first and important priority in our classes.


Laboratory & Library

Well equipped computer lab with latest desktop and software and availability of internet learning facility. Provision of computer education makes pupil smart in modern society.


Creative Art

Every child has creative streak that longs to be expressed. But students hardly get time to nurture their hobbies. We provide a platform to the talented and give the training to the interesting children in the creative arts.

Creative arts like dance, drawing or singing or may be playing an instrument should compulsory in our school. It will not only ensure nurturing of creative talents but also allow students to know more of our culture and heritage. No matter how much they progress, knowing their roots is very important always.



Sport is a Nation building exercise. Healthy kids are better learners. Sport fields are excellent learning grounds where attitudes and mindsets which serve for a life-time are developed. Through physical education and sport can easily understand that risk taking is essential to growth. Sports is an integral part of the curriculum and it play a very important role in developing ones personality.

Understanding games and sports is part of education . It is not differ from academic . For healthy mind and body sports is a vital factor.Being a sports student a child can develop concentration skill and then you can concentrate on studies too



Trained and trustful drivers and bus assistants make the school bus conveyance safe and comfortable. All the buses are equipped with first aid boxes and emergency tools.

Vehicles carry a complete list of children on board with their name, class, address, contact number, blood group and slop hear his/her residence. If an authorized person does not come to pick up a preschool student, that child will be taken back to school & parents will be called to fetch the child.

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Health Care Unit

Health Security check, Medical history and contact details of each student have to be hands on available in the school records ,so that in case of emergency school act instantly. We organize and arrange eyes check up camps for 1st to 10th std, Polio vaccination camp for pre-school kids and health care and check up camp for all children.