Teaching Staff

"EDUTAINER" a combination of educator and entertainer. Indeed it is essential to inject humor with their subjects into classrooms, and it has to be part of every teachers persona.

We think humor improves communication and group work, it promotes trust and confidence. It's an acknowledgement that students too have egos that need to be respected. Every opinion matters, and it is our job to reaffirm to every student that she/he is unique.

We believe a teacher has to teach how to think, how to approach and must shape student's personalities. Our teachers encourage a questioning attitude, never "putting down" a student for asking question. Our focus in the classroom is on "How" to learn rather than "What" to learn.

We think and we wish to give children good sanskaras. And it is our duty and we know the importance of passing on the right sanskaras to the children. Sanskaras to our mind, can best be defined as a set of values, principles and practices that we inherit from our family, culture, religion and the history of our nation.

Values may be categorized as personal values, social values and moral values. Some of the personal values of honesty, punctuality, self confidence, cleanliness, courage etc... A healthy environment in our school maintains certain social values such as love, affection, sympathy. co-operation and coordination, mutual respect and responsibility. Showing respect to ourselves, resistance to temptation, maintaining righteousness and adopting non-violence are some of the moral values.

Pre-Primary Staff

Name Post Standard
Mrs. Sheetal Amit Naykwadi Asst. Teacher Nursery A
Mrs. Jyoti Patil B Asst. Teacher Jr. Kg. A
Mrs. Sabita Padhy Asst. Teacher Jr. Kg. B
Mrs. Rekha Patil Asst. Teacher Jr. Kg. C
Mrs. Sevli Xavier Asst. Teacher Sr. Kg. A
Mrs. Kumkum Rai Asst. Teacher Sr. Kg. B
Mrs. Chitra Naykwadi Asst. Teacher Sr. Kg. C
Mrs. Satika Patel Asst. Teacher Sr. Kg. D
Mrs. Jini S. Patel Asst. Teacher -

Primary Staff

Name Designation Standard
Mrs. Bhagyashri Lokhande Principal 1 to 8
Mrs. Vaishali Patil English 5 to 8
Mr. Deepak Jha Maths 7 to 8
Mrs. Nita Patel Hindi 5 to 8
Mrs. Rina Patel Gujarati 5 to 8
Mrs. Vrunda Patel Sanskrit 6 to 8
Mrs. Sonali Mitke Maths 4 to 6
Mrs. Nirmala Shekhawat SST 5 to 8
Mrs. Vinita Singh Science 5 to 8
Mr. Vicky Patel Computer 5 to 8
Mrs. Anita Singh SST 1 to 4
Mrs. Janki Mishra Science 1 to 4
Ms. Tanuja Patel English 1 to 4
Mrs. Saraswati Patel Hindi 1 to 4
Mrs. Chitra Naikwadi Maths 1 to 3
Mrs.Tejal Patel Gujarati 1 to 4
Mrs. Lakshmi Pal Computer 1 to 4
Mrs. Kailash Parihar Wellness 1 to 8
Mrs. Darshika Vyas PET 1 to 8
Mr. Dhavalu Dholka PET/Yoga 1 to 8
Mr. Dennish Patel Accountant 1 to 8
Mrs. Sunita Raut Library 1 to 8
Mr. Mahindra Rathod Music 1 to 8
Mr. Mitesh Patel Drawing 1 to 8
Mr. Gopu Nair Karate 1 to 8

Student list for the year 2019-20

Std/Div Girls Boys Total
I - A 17 14 31
II - A 18 18 36
III - A 19 17 36
IV - A 11 25 36
V - A 16 19 35
VI - A 13 23 36
VII - A 12 24 36
VIII - A 15 21 36
Total 121 161 282