Our Production

We aim our every effort is made to make the children creative, caring and life – long learners. With this in mind the Gyan Ganga School Production introduces activity based learning pedagogies to make learning in a joyful and stress free experience for Pre School Children.

Keeping pace with the competitive modern educational field and also keeping in mind the need of students of Pre School Section we have launched first edition of a new series of books EASY WAY.

The aim of our this series ‘EASY WAY’ is to smoothen the path of success for our future generation. With this in mind we focus through our ‘EASY WAY’ series to help children learn better, know better, practice better, experience better and also score better.

We present our ‘EASY WAY’ series for the beginners - Pre School Children. This series includes PATTERN PRACTICE BOOK of alphabet – capital letters for Nursery and Alphabet – small letters and Cursive capital & small alphabet for Jr. Kg., LEARN ALPHABET WITH ACTIVITIES – capital letters for Nur., small letters for Jr. Kg., Cursive alphabet – small & capital for Sr. Kg., LEARN NUMBER & SHAPES for Nur., Jr.Kg., & Sr.Kg. and all types of Note Books for all classes.

We added separate pages for Class Work and Home Work. Besides, Activity pages have been given after a few pages for revision. Ample space has given for practice. Efforts have been taken to make the series child friendly with a view to improve upon the child’s motors skills.

The series of book has design in multicolor pages to include the child’s curiosity and interest. High quality papers have been used to bring in a pleasant writing experience in the child. Our goal though this series is to teach students correct letter formation and encourage neatness and a sense of pride in their writing.