Message From Principal

There are many reason for success in life. One among them is education. Student should therefore take it seriously. Also education isn't only what is taught formally in school. It is also what one learns from the opportunities and challenges that life throws to you. Students has to choose what sources of information to trust and follow.

Do not follow your parents friends and family have decided for you. Listen to your mind and follow it. Dont ever lose your spark. A child should have many options to choose from and she/he should be free to choose her/his own path. The purpose of study is not to get a degree and get a secure job.Study or education contributes to our growth and self enrichment.

We think a student has to create a fine balance between theory and practice. Traits like innovation, imagination, free thinking and smart learning are being encouraged among students. In our school we are taking initiatives to impart discipline, cultivate humility and proper thought process among students. "All round development of personality is the purpose of education ".

"My advice to every student pursuing any subject is to do study and understand properly and try to learn and attain knowledge by getting fully engrossed into the subject. Success will naturally follow .